Tatami mats according to EN 12503 – special hard mats E300

Special hard mats

Size: 200x100cm, 100x100cm
Thickness: 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, 6cm
Core: special hard mats
Colour: grey, yellow, black, light green, blue, green (olive), red, orange
Certyficate: according to EN 12503 norm.

– especial hard mat. Ideal for advanced trainings
– recommended especially for karate
– tatami mats have the cover made of highly resistant and elastic Vinyl fabric, with the traditional rice-straw embossing
– the cover overlaps the mat and is coated with anti-slip material
– the bottom of the mat is made of anti-slip fabric, which guarantees its ground stability and ideal adhesion to the floor.



Obligatory sizes of surfaces according to IJF

14m x 14m (32+66)

12m x 12m (32+40)

10m x 10m (32+18)